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Boxing Day, Peter Shankman and Schwag

The problem of visiting your in-laws (among so many others) is that you miss out on cool stuff when you are away from your computer (along, while anguished sitting on Interstate 95, I did my first mobile post). Thanks to Neil Corman, I felt a) informed about Peter Shankman (he of the HARO - Help a Reporter Out)'s trivia giveaway on Boxing Day, December 26.

Using Twitter and Having Patience

On Sunday, I wrote about establishing a personal reputation/brand using social media tools, including Twitter.  And thanks to Lauren Ban, I found some very good advice from Darren Rowse of TwiTip on how to build a following on Twitter. Patience. For those of you who slogged through my 1,200 word piece about finding a job using social media, you have patience, my friends.  For the...


Job Seeking, Social Media and What You Can Do – Now

I had an economic wake-up call this week.  Big time. A friend of mine and one of the smartest social media people out there, someone who has not only succeeded on the biggest stage possible, took a money-hemorrhaging business and turned it into a money maker in four years — was told about six weeks ago that we was “redundant” and given a pink slip....


More Media Bullseye: Another Look at Social Media and Mumbai

I continue to be saddened (and worried) about the state of affairs in India — and especially with Pakistan, as both are nuclear powers.  I put paper to pen (old school) and wrote “Twitter, Tradegy and Mumbai” – a backwards look about how Twitter, for better or worse, impacted communications. And my contributions to Media Bullseye will come in a more formal format – I’ll...


Mumbai Taught Me That Twitter is Here to Stay

I have had a bit of fun lately with Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson on the "For Immediate Release" podcast, leaving my best "bullshit bingo" comments ("...leveraging our synergies to create a new corporate paradigm.."), but I am afraid that I have to use a term that could fall into that list, describing how Twitter has not jumped into the mainstream: Convergence. A series of events over the last several weeks has convinced me that Twitter has gone from a shiny new toy to an overloaded fail whale to an integral part of how we exchange information on a global scale.

Twitter and Tragedy = #mumbai

Like any people, I spent my Thanksgiving and the day after watching the horrific events in Mumbai unfold. I have learned over the years that the less said, the better, in times of tragedy, but it breaks my heart to see India experience such carnage, but moreso played out over several days. There are a billion people in India, but countless millions living overseas who want to know something -- anything -- about what is happening. Feeling that disconnected to your homeland must provide a sense of immeasurable longing and powerlessness.

Where Online REALLY Intersects With Offline – thanks @jasonfalls

I've had a pretty good "offline" week that is a direct result of a pretty good online week. Last Saturday, I "celebrated" a birthday (anyone over 40 puts "celebrate" in somewhat sarcastic quotations), but I must have received more than 30 birthday wishes via Facebook and Twitter. Although I don't use it, I understand that Facebook has a little reminder when your friend's birthday is near. That's all well and good, but you still have to take the "offline" initiative to say "Hey, Mark's a decent guy, I'll send him birthday greetings." And I appreciated every single one. Online wishes made offline happiness. And then there was today.

I Knew It Would Happen: Now We Can Really Measure Twitter

I’m doing a lot of thinking these days about measurement of the effectiveness of public relations programs.  We’re covering this in my class and my day job is, well, getting kicked around a bit of late. I have long been a proponent of the premise that, in order to do good measurement, you need a “mashup” of tools.  You need to look at, of course,...


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