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Have Hope – In Ten Years, You Will Rule the World

Ok, maybe the title is a bit of an exaggeration, but when listening to Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson’s “For Immediate Release” this morning (congratulations, gentlemen on the FANTASTIC accomplishment of your 500th episode), the topic came up of what is likely to happen in the future of social media. One of the terrific comments came from a listener who suggested that essentially the future...


I’m Not Worthy of This Intersection, Really

were-not-worthy Sometimes, I feel like the old "Wayne's World" mantra: "I'm not worthy....I'm not worthy." So big kudos to my pal, David Wescott, a freelance writer for the Business Lexington and blogger extradordinaire, who interviewed me on my day job for Bix Lex - and then blogged about it. All kidding aside, I am deeply proud of the work that all of us do at the Securities and Exchange Commission to protect investors. The article touches on the social media aspects of it.

Rushing to post–what gets lost in the process?

I had (once again) the pleasure of co-hosting a Media Bullseye Radio Roundtable last Friday. This week's host was someone whom I had not met before, but who impressed me immediately as being, as we say in New England, "wicked smaht." The guest was Tim Walker, the new media point person for Hoovers, a Dunn & Bradstreet Company. The Roundtable discussed the Owyang/Mzinga mishap; the need to be first to post an idea or thought (and the perils of doing so); and of course, SXSW.

More Media Bullseye: Another Look at Social Media and Mumbai

I continue to be saddened (and worried) about the state of affairs in India — and especially with Pakistan, as both are nuclear powers.  I put paper to pen (old school) and wrote “Twitter, Tradegy and Mumbai” – a backwards look about how Twitter, for better or worse, impacted communications. And my contributions to Media Bullseye will come in a more formal format – I’ll...


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