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More Media Bullseye: Another Look at Social Media and Mumbai

I continue to be saddened (and worried) about the state of affairs in India — and especially with Pakistan, as both are nuclear powers.  I put paper to pen (old school) and wrote “Twitter, Tradegy and Mumbai” – a backwards look about how Twitter, for better or worse, impacted communications. And my contributions to Media Bullseye will come in a more formal format – I’ll...


Mumbai Taught Me That Twitter is Here to Stay

I have had a bit of fun lately with Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson on the "For Immediate Release" podcast, leaving my best "bullshit bingo" comments ("...leveraging our synergies to create a new corporate paradigm.."), but I am afraid that I have to use a term that could fall into that list, describing how Twitter has not jumped into the mainstream: Convergence. A series of events over the last several weeks has convinced me that Twitter has gone from a shiny new toy to an overloaded fail whale to an integral part of how we exchange information on a global scale.

Twitter and Tragedy = #mumbai

Like any people, I spent my Thanksgiving and the day after watching the horrific events in Mumbai unfold. I have learned over the years that the less said, the better, in times of tragedy, but it breaks my heart to see India experience such carnage, but moreso played out over several days. There are a billion people in India, but countless millions living overseas who want to know something -- anything -- about what is happening. Feeling that disconnected to your homeland must provide a sense of immeasurable longing and powerlessness.

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