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Mark’s Story’s Public Affairs Work

Mark public affairs experience spans more than 20 years of legislative, regulatory and issue-based campaigns, all designed to increase or improve the perception of a group of key stakeholders (legislators, regulators, the media, swing voters, grassroots activists, brand enthusiasts, current or potential customers).

Mark has:

  • During more than 12 years of agency-based public affairs agency work in the technology and digital sectors, designed, executed, tracked and measured highly effective communications programs to designed to foster relationships via”commercial diplomacy” in North and South America and China;
  • For Alibaba Group, built relationships with top tier news agencies, influential bloggers, policymakers, industry associations as well as initially unfriendly constituencies in the months leading up to the largest and most successful I.P.O. in history;
  • Anticipated and diffused potentially dangerous issues by creating a global issues monitoring system and rapid-reaction communications response program;
  • Led crisis communications efforts in some of the biggest global issues-based campaigns, including Alibaba fraud reports, the  WorldCom bankruptcy filing, Microsoft anti-trust, the financial crisis of 2008, the Bernard Madoff scandal and more;
  • Been a member and frequent featured speaker at the Public Affairs Council annual meetings and seminars, raising employer company and clients’ reputations on priority issues;
  • Devised and executed extensive grassroots and grasstop coalition and network-building, enlisting the help of third-party organizations to carry out client and employer issues management priorities with compelling messaging;
  • Developed pitches, written and placed op-eds (including a getting a question into a presidential debate), developed original content to ensure that employer or client points of view were accessible to the audiences who mattered; and
  • Been a champion of working past the status quo and creating better, faster and simpler ways of doing things.
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