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Why We Can’t Talk About Cancer

The views expressed in this post are mine and mine alone and do not necessarily reflect those of any past nor present employers. Cancer communications – it’s hard I have done lots of types of challenging communications work in my professional life: selling brands and ideas in the agency world, doing communications for the Securities and Exchange Commission during and after the financial crisis of 2008,...


Are You STILL Trying to Sell Social Media at Work?

I’ve said this many times, but I have worked in online communications essentially since its inception (19 years and counting).  I have had more battles about why online matters than I could possibly count.  I’ve gone to battle with IT (in the beginning, they wanted to own it),  with Legal (they always want to own everything) and there is always an ongoing tension between communications...


Top Ten Tips for Effective Advocacy in the Age of Slactivism

I had the pleasure of being the public affairs world on the agency side for about 15 years, have also done so in the private sector for a non U.S. company and have also done two stints inside of the federal government.  So for eight (or often, more) hours per day, I would think of new and interesting ways to move along the policy, regulatory...


An Awful Week on the Internet for Free Speech vs. Hate

Reading the papers this morning, I was struck at how much the Internet has evolved from what I used to call “digital democracy” – a utopian place where people could express opinions and debate each other, into a machine that now also breeds way too much hatred, violence and trolling. Hell, I have been trolled myself, from the Chairman Emeritus of Publicis, a global public...


Patients and the Power of Online Communities – Get on the Train

I have been formulating this post in my head for some time, not quite having crystallized what I wanted to say.  Yesterday, that changed.  Sally James sent me a piece that she had written for the Health News Review, “When patients speak – some hear golden tones and others noise.”  It made me think. The essence of the piece is, as Sally wrote, “how and...


The Intersection of Healthcare,  Cancer and Twitter:  It’s Here, Folks

The Intersection of Healthcare, Cancer and Twitter: It’s Here, Folks

I am an unabashed fan of The Simpsons and one of my favorite episodes is that in which Homer details all of the 188 jobs he held in the first 400 episodes.  Myself, I have worked in the public relations agency world for three agencies, as a college professor, I’ve had my own company, worked for the federal government, for a Chinese behemoth that became...


Peace, Groove and Tears: The Final Post

The is the last post in which I will ask you for a donation to help support Marty Knepp’s family. I struggled with the title of this post, as I have with many emotions over the last several days, but the word “final” still doesn’t seem quite right.  People with the soul the likes of Marty Knepp live on in those whom he touched, those...


Peace, Groove and Tears: Part II

Warning:  Once again, I am asking you for a donation. I am asking (no, begging) you join the so far 133 amazing, wonderful and caring people who have given, many anonymously, what they can afford to assuage a small portion of the pain and worries of Marty Knepp’s widow, children, parents and sister. If you by some unfortunate circumstance unexpectedly left this earth leaving behind...


Peace, Groove, Tears – and Paying It Forward

Warning:  I am asking you for a donation.  If you want to know why, read on.  If you want to help assuage strangers’ grief, read on.  If you want to pay it forward, read on. As I sit at my keyboard and type these words, one of more than 500 posts I’ve written, I do so with a very heavy yet hopeful heart.  I hope...


Dear Mass Media and Social Media: Help Stop Terrorism

There are way too many mornings when I awake to read another front-page article about an innocent person who is killed (now, often beheaded) by implacable, bloodthirsty terrorists.  These stories appear often in the online equivalent of above the fold (or for people who still buy papers, really above the fold).  This morning was no exception when I read about the beheading of Kenji Goto,...


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