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Hello, United Airlines: Five Things You Must Do on Social Media in a Crisis

Photo credit:  Melissa Agnes Are we really seeing this movie again? I have thought and written about online crisis communications for several years (like here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here), but United Airlines last week proved YET AGAIN that social media matters enormously in crisis communications. Some organizations get it, while others do not. Since I have been talking about online crisis communications for some time (see above), it’s always a good idea to...


Not so much, Southwest.

Dear Southwest Airlines: You Still Don’t Get It

Here’s an update on my ongoing issues with Southwest Airlines. I was, in fact, DM’d on Twitter by someone two days ago (it’s important to note that this occurred ONLY after I wrote my last blog post, put in in four places and it went pseudo-viral): @markstory_ Sorry to hear that, Mark. Please DM us your confirmation number so we can follow up. ^JB —...


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