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Why We Can’t Talk About Cancer

The views expressed in this post are mine and mine alone and do not necessarily reflect those of any past nor present employers. Cancer communications – it’s hard I have done lots of types of challenging communications work in my professional life: selling brands and ideas in the agency world, doing communications for the Securities and Exchange Commission during and after the financial crisis of 2008,...


Update Post: The Wiki White House Web – Sorry, Dan

Disclosure/side note:  I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present on a topic with a member of the White House Digital Engagement team on September 19, 2014.  It got me thinking.   I’ve had this blog for some time, so from time to time, I go back and read what I’ve written, predicated or been a blowhard about to see if my predictions came true.  Some did,...


Bin Laden: Not Everything in Life HAS to Have a Social Media Tie-In

I have written in this very space – harshly – what I think about Osama bin Laden and his heinous attacks on innocent civilians.   I also, although not lately, have written much more about social media.  And despite the name of this blog, for me, there is no intersection. Nor should there be. Enough, already.  Stop going for the cheap headline. It’s nauseating to read...


Buried Headline: Google Caved

The nauseating Lebron James-induced headlines this morning buried a story that has intrigued me for some time. Google vs. China.  The world’s largest search engine vs. the government of the world’s most populous country. I wrote about this in Media Bullseye a few months ago (Is Google Really the Good Guy?) when, in January 2010, Google took what appeared to be a principled stand regarding...


Hanging at the cabin tonight

Hey everyone, Finally got around to testing Posterous tonight and I have to admit, it’s pretty cool.  As good as advertised – through a single email, you can post to your blog, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr — about anything. Pics below emailed from my iPhone.   And The Boy snuck in the picture at the last second.. See and download the full gallery on posterous Posted via...


Twitter and the Electoral Hangover

I have been watching the tea leaves a little, and thanks to Neville Hobson's Tweet today, discovered that according to Valleywag, Obama's Twitter account has gone silent since Election Day. So before you guys start jumping all over me about transition, etc., don't think for a minute that President-elect Obama was himself tweeting over a cup of joe (the plumber?) in the morning.

I Might Just Opt Out of Social Media for a While

Like many other people who are my peeps, I start my day off with some online news, peruse a couple of blogs, check Twitter (my tweeps), and sometimes even jump over to Facebook. But I think that I am going to opt out of social media for the next month or so. For me, it's pretty simple. I am hatin' the hatin'.

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