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Are you an activist or a slacktivist?

Are You a Slactivist or an Activist? Find Out Here.

I recently had the honor (and a lot of fun) being the guest of Dr. Jennifer Todd’s “Women Transcend” podcast. We talked about what is today, in a highly charged political environment, to be an activist, and what it is to be a “slacktivist.” Here’s a preview:  activist = getting off your duff and doing something in person. Liking, Sharing and retweeting from your couch...


When you company reputation is on the line, strategic communications experience matters.

When Did Experience Stop Mattering in Communications? Part I

Who is getting hired in the communications field is such an important topic that I’ve decided to divide what I had originally written into two separate blog posts, the second of which I will publish later this week. Why I wrote this post The nexus of these posts was when I was researching and recording an enlightening, frightening yet cathartic “For Immediate Release” podcast last...


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Communications: Is it Gray Hairs vs. Millennials?

Who should run your strategic communications? Even in a slumbering economy, I choose to have hope that there is not a hardening line or increasing competition between those of us who grew up doing “traditional” strategic communications (and may have a little gray hair) and the younger generation, among them the Millennials, adults aged 18 to 34 and the now largest proportion of the American...


The NFL says "ouch."

Five Things You Must Do on Social Media in a Crisis

I have thought and written about this for several years (like here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here), but an article in Bulldog Reporter last week highlighted a study conducted by the University of Missouri School of Journalism in which they found that social media matters enormously in crisis communications.   Some organizations get it, while others do not. Their case study was about...


Not so much, Southwest.

Dear Southwest Airlines: You Still Don’t Get It

Here’s an update on my ongoing issues with Southwest Airlines. I was, in fact, DM’d on Twitter by someone two days ago (it’s important to note that this occurred ONLY after I wrote my last blog post, put in in four places and it went pseudo-viral): @markstory_ Sorry to hear that, Mark. Please DM us your confirmation number so we can follow up. ^JB —...


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Twitter #Fail: Lionel Messi, Social Rookies and a PR Disaster

#WeAreAllLeoMessi #Fail I have blogged about this for years, but about the dumbest thing that you can do in any organization is what many continue to do:  hand the keys to the social media apparatus to the youngest (and clearly, the one who understands social media – not) person in the office.  I wish I had kept count of how many interns end up running social...


More About Cancer Communications:  Podcast with the Pros

More About Cancer Communications: Podcast with the Pros

  Experts Talk About Cancer Communications I am so very proud to be given the opportunity to be a semi regular on Shel Holtz‘s “For Immediate Release” podcast.  Shel has been doing communications and social for many years and is someone who I consider to the about the smartest (and nicest) people on the planet.  It is double the thrill when I get to talk about...


Online Reputation: Why Jane Corwin’s Social Media Person Should be Waterboarded

Politics is a mean, nasty, filthy business.  Trust me, I know – I have been around it most of my working life.  Much of the process of getting elected is pushing your candidate’s positives while attempting to raise the negatives of your opponent.  But a Cardinal rule is don’t help the person opposing you by doing something stupid (read: don’t be Michael Dukakis riding in...


Bin Laden: Not Everything in Life HAS to Have a Social Media Tie-In

I have written in this very space – harshly – what I think about Osama bin Laden and his heinous attacks on innocent civilians.   I also, although not lately, have written much more about social media.  And despite the name of this blog, for me, there is no intersection. Nor should there be. Enough, already.  Stop going for the cheap headline. It’s nauseating to read...


Tip #3: Give them the software, hardware and online tools to be successful. Don’t ask people to fight with one hand tied behind their backs

As promised,  here is the fourth post (and third tip) in a series on how to build a first-class online reputation management group or at least one that doesn’t suck.  I am attempting to offer what I think are the keys to success in establishing, promoting or defending your company’s issues or reputation in the online environment.  And we haven’t even gotten to the actual...


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