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Hello, United Airlines: Five Things You Must Do on Social Media in a Crisis

Photo credit:  Melissa Agnes Are we really seeing this movie again? I have thought and written about online crisis communications for several years (like here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here), but United Airlines last week proved YET AGAIN that social media matters enormously in crisis communications. Some organizations get it, while others do not. Since I have been talking about online crisis communications for some time (see above), it’s always a good idea to...


The NFL says "ouch."

Five Things You Must Do on Social Media in a Crisis

I have thought and written about this for several years (like here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here), but an article in Bulldog Reporter last week highlighted a study conducted by the University of Missouri School of Journalism in which they found that social media matters enormously in crisis communications.   Some organizations get it, while others do not. Their case study was about...


Top Ten Tips for Effective Advocacy in the Age of Slactivism

I had the pleasure of being the public affairs world on the agency side for about 15 years, have also done so in the private sector for a non U.S. company and have also done two stints inside of the federal government.  So for eight (or often, more) hours per day, I would think of new and interesting ways to move along the policy, regulatory...


Social Media Survival: What to Do When You Are Running Into Managerial or Client Brick Wall

My take on the kerfuffle with National Rental Car and Chapstick and theory that the blame lay with management resulted in some good, interesting feedback.  Thanks, guys. I postulated that likely, with MAJOR consumer brands, the fault lies in bad decisions made by higher-ups that overrule or ignore the advice of the internal social media evangelist(s).   I can’t imagine that a major brand would pick...


Back in the Classroom

Like that scene at the end of “Independence Day” when Randy Quaid flies into the alien mother ship to save the earth, I’m baaaack. I found out yesterday that I have been nominated to an adjunct faculty teaching position at my alma mater, the University of Maryland University College.  Beginning next Spring semester, I’ll be back to teaching, most likely for a PR techniques class. ...


Crisis Communications and Associations

Last week, I did a Q&A with Smart Blog insights about crisis communications in general and associations in particular.  I want to expand on that this morning a bit. I used to teach crisis communications at the University of Maryland and have done a frequent bit in the private sector (let’s not even get into government – ugh).  It never ceases to amaze me how...


Live Blogging from #BWE09 – The Death and Rebirth of Journalism

I am currently at the keynote address of BlogWorld Expo 09 – “The Death and Rebirth of Journalism.” Participants are Brian Solis (Moderator), Don Lemon, Hugh Hewitt, Jay Rosen, Joanna Drake Earl. Don Lemon of CNN talked about how CNN uses Twitter and how he liked that it provides immediate feedback when they run a story.  In the past, you would send in a letter...



For my Georgetown students, I used to list some select jobs from Ned Lundquist’s “JOTW” or “Job of the Week.” I still love you guys, so, what the hell;  here you go. Mark About JOTW: Ned Lundquist’s “Job of the Week” free e-mail networking newsletter and website for professional communicators has a cult following of more than 10,000 readers (the 5-digit milestone was reached October...


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