Back in the Classroom

Like that scene at the end of “Independence Day” when Randy Quaid flies into the alien mother ship to save the earth, I’m baaaack. I found out yesterday that I have been nominated to an adjunct faculty teaching position at my alma mater, the University of Maryland University College.  Beginning next Spring semester, I’ll be back to teaching, most likely for a PR techniques class. ...


An Open Letter to My Georgetown Family

I debated what to call this post because it is an "open letter," but calling it a letter to my "former students" seemed too, well "formal." With graduation happening on Saturday and I will have the immense honor and pleasure of handing you your Master's Degree diplomas - and I will do so with a sense of pride that I feel the need to express.

Will the LA Times Be Next?

In For Immediate Release #437, contributor Eric Schwartzman interviewed Los Angeles Times veteran, author, blogger and UCLA online newsroom editor-in-chief Kevin Roderick. Roderick's role is interesting. He spent nearly 25 years at the LA Times and now follows the paper, among other journalism-related activities on his blog. So Georgetown students, here's this week's assignment. Listen to the entire podcast, and post your comment or question on our blog. And for that extra added element of intellectual curiosity, you may want to listen to the whole of Eric's interview as well. Posts are due no later than 5:00pm on Tuesday April 14th. Those panicking about not filing their tax returns may want to start this one early... Mark

The Scoble Comment Controversy Continues

Hi Georgetown students. This week's assignment is to listen to the "For Immediate Release" episode number 434 and comment on one of the topic below: * Follow-up discussion on Robert Scoble and PR is dead; * Comcast’s Twitter team coaching, * Gartner identifies four ways in which enterprises use Twitter. Mark

Is Social Media Rotting Our Brains?

I was feeling a bit cantankerous that day, but I postulated and still believe that social media overload does not exist any more than getting hit by a car does - you have to put yourself in the position to be overloaded or run into ongoing traffic (with the caveat that many of us do this ofr a living and have to do it anyway). But social media is a certain sense, rotting the brains of some of the Millenials.

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