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When you company reputation is on the line, strategic communications experience matters.

When Did Experience Stop Mattering in Communications? Part I

Who is getting hired in the communications field is such an important topic that I’ve decided to divide what I had originally written into two separate blog posts, the second of which I will publish later this week. Why I wrote this post The nexus of these posts was when I was researching and recording an enlightening, frightening yet cathartic “For Immediate Release” podcast last...


More About Cancer Communications:  Podcast with the Pros

More About Cancer Communications: Podcast with the Pros

  Experts Talk About Cancer Communications I am so very proud to be given the opportunity to be a semi regular on Shel Holtz‘s “For Immediate Release” podcast.  Shel has been doing communications and social for many years and is someone who I consider to the about the smartest (and nicest) people on the planet.  It is double the thrill when I get to talk about...


Colonoscopies, CEOs, Cultures and Connection: Another Great FIR Podcast

Before I headed off to my Hong Kong adventure, one of my favorite gigs was being a correspondent on what I still think is the best podcast out there:  For Immediate Release, which is now the FIR Podcast Network. So as you can imagine, it’s about ten times more fun when I get to be a panelist on an episode.  With Neville Hobson’s departure, Shel...


Cross Post: If you love your social media message, set it free – case study

I have been doing some freelance work for AgentGenius/AGBeat run my my friend, Lani Rosales, and last week wrote and article about how NOT to do social media on Facebook. According to Scott Monty of Ford, National Car Rental was deleting negative posts about their brand from their Facebook page. Bad, bad, bad.  Whole article is here. Happy reading. Mark

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