More About Cancer Communications: Podcast with the Pros

More About Cancer Communications:  Podcast with the Pros


Experts Talk About Cancer Communications

I am so very proud to be given the opportunity to be a semi regular on Shel Holtz‘s “For Immediate Release” podcast.  Shel has been doing communications and social for many years and is someone who I consider to the about the smartest (and nicest) people on the planet.  It is double the thrill when I get to talk about a topic that I have been talking about quite a bit on this blog: cancer communications.

So yesterday, I got to share a virtual microphone with two additional amazing people: Jennifer Stauss, a cancer advocate, entrepreneur, former broadcast journalist and PR whiz, and Doug Haslam, social media expert and a cancer advocate who for several years has done the Pan Mass Challenge TWO DAY bike ride to raise money for cancer research.

It’s not All Cancer All the Time though; we cover other topics too, like the Internet uproar over the now lower-case spelling of “internet” WHICH I REFUSE TO EVER USE.

So have a listen.

Here is the Ol’ Disclaimer

I said so verbally on the podcast, but this post, like every other darn word I have written or spoken in my career, does not necessarily reflect those of the National Cancer Institute or any other employer I have had since I got my first job at 15 years old.  Heck, I even have my own disclaimer page (keeps the lawyers happy).



  1. Donna Papacosta pointed me to this podcast and I’m glad she did. I host a weekly live video broadcast focused on coping with cancer and as Jennifer mentioned, cancer can be a depressing subject but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve purposely chosen a “talk show” format so that there is an uplifting and casual tone to our conversation as patients and survivors turn on their webcam and join in. We’ve learned that you can discuss the oncology impact of a journey along with cancer and not have to feel you’re in a battle. You can communicate in a way the gives HOPE… Having Only Positive Expectations… rather than focus on fear and possible death. We’re bringing the big “C” out of the closet and letting cancer care professionals openly talk directly with patients, survivors and caregivers. Hopefully professional communicators will see the opportunity to share the needed information in a new way to bring a higher level of awareness to the many issues requiring attention.

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