Colonoscopies, CEOs, Cultures and Connection: Another Great FIR Podcast

Before I headed off to my Hong Kong adventure, one of my favorite gigs was being a correspondent on what I still think is the best podcast out there:  For Immediate Release, which is now the FIR Podcast Network.

Ike PIgott

Ike Pigott

So as you can imagine, it’s about ten times more fun when I get to be a panelist on an episode.  With Neville Hobson’s departure, Shel Holtz changed up the format a bit, but still kept the incredibly entertaining and informative content.  Today, I had the distinct pleasure

Paul Gillin

Paul Gillin

to be an FIR panelist again on today’s FIR #24.  I was on with Paul Gillin,  author and practitioner who specializes in social media for B2B companies, and my friend Ike Pigott, communication strategist, spokesman for Alabama Power and all-around smart guy.

In today’s podcast, we covered an amazingly wide variety of topics, including:

  • What will be a live colonoscopy broadcast on Periscope from the Mayo Clinic (yes, you read that right);
  • If CEOs should have active Facebook pages for engaging with stakeholders (this could be good – think Richard Edelman, or this could be bad – think Ross Perot);
  • The new Facebook Reactions buttons; and
  • A ton more.

It was an hour and a half of what I hope you will find both entertaining and informative.   Happy listening.



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