Peace, Groove and Tears: The Final Post

The is the last post in which I will ask you for a donation to help support Marty Knepp’s family.

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I struggled with the title of this post, as I have with many emotions over the last several days, but the word “final” still doesn’t seem quite right.  People with the soul the likes of Marty Knepp live on in those whom he touched, those will who I am sure show up in droves for the final goodbyes on Thursday and Friday.

Living on through the memories, laughter and tears of others says volumes about how an individual lived his or her life.  Here are a couple of wonderful quotes that were collected from Marty’s friends:

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The most important quote you need to read, however, is below.  It’s from Marty’s sister-in-law, who hints at what the future holds for his family:Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 3.07.46 PMIf you use words for a living like I do, I would encourage you to think about these:

Let’s keep the ball rolling and see if we can continue to bless Sandy and the kids and keep them in their house for a while before they have to make key decisions.”

I think that the average person can read into this that his family will face financial hardships in the coming months and years.  While grieving for their loving husband and dad.  You can help, and help right now by clicking this little, magical button:

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Moreover, at the bottom of this post, like the two that preceded it, are social media sharing buttons.  Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all have an amplifying effect.  You share, others share, more share and the next thing you know, thousands have seen this post.  All you have to do is click to share these and enable your friends and family to be part of this.

So that’s it.  My final post.

But for Marty’s legacy, it will never be the end.


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