Peace, Groove and Tears: Part II

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Marty in the Middle – Jazz Man Until the End

WarningOnce again, I am asking you for a donation. I am asking (no, begging) you join the so far 133 amazing, wonderful and caring people who have given, many anonymously, what they can afford to assuage a small portion of the pain and worries of Marty Knepp’s widow, children, parents and sister.

If you by some unfortunate circumstance unexpectedly left this earth leaving behind a grieving family in need of financial resources, what would you want others to do?  How would you want them to treat your family?  Don’t guess: pay it forward.

I cannot begin this post with anything less than a heartfelt and choked up “thank you” to everyone who not only shared this post on their own social media networks, but also for those who were kind enough to donate.

The stubborn Irishman in me, however, tells me that we are not close to being done yet.   The music will fade, so to speak, after Marty is laid to rest.  The days will pass.  Marty’s wife and children will have bills to face in a time of unimaginable grief, anger and confusion.  YOU can help lessen this simply by clicking this magical button:

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For those of you who knew and loved this amazing man, friend and father, think of the gift that you can give his family.  His internment is a scant four days away.

And since many have asked, here are the details:


Thursday May 7, 2015
6:00pm-9:00pm at Beall Funeral Home
Click for Map and Directions

Funeral Mass

Friday May 8, 2015, 11:00am
Our Lady of the Fields Catholic Church, Millersville, Maryland
Click for Map and Directions

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This will probably be the most painful day that his wife, children parents, and sister will ever face in their lives.  But just imagine that even the smallest donations add up.  Imagine if Marty’s family could see that 200 people cared enough to care for his family?  Imagine the feeling inside of you for what YOU can do.

And once again, I truly understand that there are many people who are in tight financial situations themselves.  You can still help.  At the bottom of this post, like all others, are social media sharing buttons.  Use them to:

  • Share this or the donation page on Facebook and tag other friends – use the amplifying power of social media
  • Tweet it out
  • Like it on Facebook
  • Email it to others

And rise.

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