My Son

I sometimes use this space to talk about more than social media, and this is one of those times.  So if you’re looking for a cranky rant on Apple, sorry.  This one is about my boy.

My son, soon to be 10 years old, is one of the most wonderful human beings I know.  A lot of parents brag, but he is so much more than just my boy.  He is an amazing person.

My son is a friend to a boy who has no friends.  He is a cheery “hello” when I stagger home from a rough day in the office. He is patient and sincere.  He sticks up for his little sister in tough situations, even though they tussle like brothers and sisters do.  He automatically massages my neck when he so much as senses that I am tense.  He sees life with eyes not yet jaded, but full of the energy and enthusiasm that children have.  He tells me jokes that make me laugh.  He has not said “I love you” back to me in a couple of years (a boy thing), but I never doubt for a nanosecond that he does.

I write him notes every morning since I leave the house so early, and they all begin “Good morning, best friend!”

That because he really *is* my best friend.

My son.




  1. And thank God he looks like his mom.

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