Sh*t My Computer Says, Part 3

If you have not read my original post on this topic, you might not know that I disavow any responsibility for these posts.  It’s my computer’s fault, not my own.  The bitch set me up.

So here’s today’s mental feed:

  • I was commuting from my house in West Virginia last week and listened to a DC morning drive time show during which the topic of discussion came up “Are federal government workers overpaid?”  Numerous callers referred to the “lazy government workers” on the federal payroll.  This really pissed me off.  My two years and seven months working for the Securities and Exchange Commission has been among my most challenging and rewarding career stops.  There are lazy workers everywhere, callers.  I work my ass off precisely because you guys pay my salary.
  • Train update #1: To the girl who corners me at the commuter rail station most mornings:  I now know about the liposuction that your husband wants to buy for you, your kids, your daycare issues, your operations, your distaste for alcohol, your anniversary, your overweight, single sister and this morning, your need to relieve yourself at the train station restroom.  You might consider that you don’t even know my name – largely because I have yet to get a word in edgewise.
  • Train update #2:  Dear fellow riders:  I get the fact that the train can lull you to sleep, especially before 6:00am.  But do me a favor:  if you snore (loudly) please do not get your last hour of shuteye on the train I ride.  Some guy was snoring so loud this morning I thought that the train emergency windows were going to blow out.
  • World Cup #1:  Who knew that a bunch of tulip farmers could be so aggressive on the soccer pitch?  You guys should have focused on winning the game rather than getting a bazillion yellow cards.
  • World Cup #2: I am super happy  for for Spain and my friends in Madrid.  I lived there in Reagan’s first term (cue the geezer alert) and am still friends with them today, thanks to the Internet.
  • Seattle Thought #1: Shauna Causey is awesome and and one of the best networkers I have ever known.
  • Seattle Thought #2:  I have my fingers seriously crossed that Eric Berto, Shannon Paul and I will get to reprise our speaking roles at BlogWorld Expo in October.

That’s today’s mental download.  Sh*t my computer says.




  1. Your computer says some funny sh*t.

  2. I have more than my fingers crossed 😉

    Hoping we get to represent again.

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