Sh*t My Computer Says, Part 2

So it’s 103 degrees in Washington, DC and I am once again dreaming of a snow bird job in Miami.  BECAUSE IT IS 10 DEGREES COOLER THERE.

On my mind today:

  • I may not be the sharpest social media tool in the shed, but I got a message from the contact form on my blog today from one Al Berrios who asks the intelligent question “what’s strategy without execution?”  Really?  Tell me more.  My pal Al further writes that his company can help me, and I AM QUOTING “get sh*t done.”

    Wow.  Let’s forget the fact that I am being contacted by someone whom I am pretty sure I would not rely on for social media advice, but to help me “get sh*t done?”  Please.  And I thought that I was the only blogger who talked sh*t.  Or whose computer does, because I could not possibly be responsible for these comments.

    Keep plugging, Al.  I am sure there is some rube out there.

  • My adopted state of West Virginia has their flags at half mast for the recently croaked Senator Robert Byrd.  Sure, he was the longest serving senator, but if  your crowning achievement is longevity, what does that say about your legislative accomplishments?  I heard Senator Byrd make a speech on the senate floor a couple of years back and he clearly had lost something off of his fastball.
  • Al Gore needs a sense of humor, now more than ever.  He needs to laugh every once in a while.  I thought I heard him laugh once, but it turned out that he was choking on a piece of broccoli.  I was rooting for the broccoli.

That’s all of the spamming, senatorial and inappropriate massage thoughts from the sh*t that my computer says.




  1. So when is “Sh@T My Computer Says” TV show coming out? Or at least the accompanying audio book… My computer, BigMommaMac, could have a bit part…

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