Saturday is the Big Day: St. Baldricks

I’ve hit you all up for cash about a bazillion times, but if you have not donated to the St. Baldricks — raising money for a care for childhood cancer — and are feeling like cheap bastard, give here.

If you have read this blog at any point in the last month, you know the drill, that I show at up Fado’s pub in DC, get my head shaved, a couple of free drinks and everyone pats me on the back.   My “before” picture is to the right.

To be honest, the shaving ceremony makes me a little uncomfortable because the real heroes are the children with cancer and the parents, relatives and friends who anguish.  I am some guy who is getting a really short haircut.

What I am most looking forward to is tomorrow, I get to speak with the family with whom I have stayed in contact for more than two years, but never spoken with.  And I get to hear the sweet little voice of Lauren, a little girl whom I have never met, but who has a very special place in my heart.


P.S. – And did I say “cheap bastard?”  If this is you, give here.


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