I Buried the Lead – Please Donate to Find a Cure

First, thanks to everyone who re-tweeted and especially to those who donated to my St. Baldrick’s fundraising drive.  While it made me feel great that that the post got more than 1,000 page views, donations are down from last year.

In my last post, in newspaper terms, I “buried the lead.” I was so taken with describing the situation faced by the child whom I am honoring, Lauren, that I may not have been a succinct as possible.  So here goes:

  1. Please consider donating to St. Baldrick’s, the organization that makes the second largest amount of contributions to childhood cancer research, excluding only the U.S. government.
  2. What’s in it for you? You’ll feel good.  If you are a parent, you are touching other parents.  If you do not yet have children, you may well be making a down payment on finding a cure for a disease which may, in fact, impact your life.  Or your grandchildren’s lives.
  3. If I have in any way ever helped you or touched your life, please consider this karma.
  4. Finally, by the simple act of making whatever contribution you can, you are lending support and care for a little girl who has been through more in ten years than most of us do in our entire lives.

Please. Any amount.  Just do it.



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