Haiti Fundraising Update From My Little Girl

As I mentioned in my last post, my six year-old daughter saw television coverage of the devastation in Haiti, and of her own volition, decided to do something to raise money.  With a small assist from mom and dad, we came up with the idea of putting together packages of chocolate and asking people if they would like to make a donation in exchange for a bag of assorted chocolates.

Well, we are not even done yet, but after we canvassed the neighborhood, my compassionate and determined little machine raked in $173.00 in donations — last night alone.  We’re expecting another $50 or so in people we missed.

Two hundred and some dollars might not seem like a lot considering what others are doing, but to me, my daughter has raised a million dollars, raised my awareness of what has happened and filled my heart with joy.


P.S.- If you feel like a heartless crumb bum after reading this and know how to find me, well, find me.  How can you possibly say “no” to that little face in the picture?



  1. Mark, You must be SOOOO proud. She’s clearly being raised with a good set of values.

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