Facebook in Everywhere! – Except Guam.

Facebook in Everywhere! – Except Guam.

Despite what the title says (and there are plenty of non-English Facebook versions out there), what caught my attention was:

  1. Social networks that I had never heard of;
  2. The complete lack of any sort of social networking site in Iran (I am not sure why I am surprised by this).  It’s a big-ass hole in the map in the middle of the Middle East.  But despite what the autocratic, bloodthirsty mullahs of that country think, there is something called “a cell phone”; and
  3. MySpace, which a few years ago tried to jack up the agency that I was working for by charging us $60,000 for a site, is now #1 in..GUAM.  I suppose that this is the social media equivalent of the loser’s lunchroom table.

Interesting read.



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