More Fun- More Homer Simpson! FIR Contribution #2

I get to do fun stuff and my new favorite, shiny toy is the honor of doing For Immediate Release correspondent reports. Yesterday’s, (#509) which I teased out a bit on Monday, deals with:

  • How YouTube has made it ridiculously easy to add closed-captioning to videos (a Section 508 requirement under the law – we government weenies have to do this); and
  • A ForSee survey, ranking government Web sites and comparing a few of them to private sector sites.

All of this is more important than ever because, with the passage of new and potential legislation, we are looking at moving millions of citizens from private sector Web sites to government sites. And that means, as social media practitioners in government, we must build Web sites around the needs of users. Period. Full stop. No excuses.

Please listen to the whole FIR report, but if you are jones-ing to hear my nasal, pedantic voice, my contribution comes at around the 37:00 mark (lower-case “m”).

Mark (with an upper-case “M”)


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