Live Blogging – #bwe09 – The Ethics of Mommy Blogging

Mommy Bloggers are, I think, probably the best demonstration of the fact that the Internet in general and the blogosphere in particular, is not one, big blob.  It is made up of highly connected and powerful groups of people who share common interests and passions.  Oh – and fear the power of the Mommy Blogger.  Ask Motrin – blogged about this a few months back.

On today’s panel are  Erika Lehmann, Colleen Padilla, Lindsay Lebresco and Ted Murphy.

  • Potential FTC fines are a big issue for Mommy Bloggers who review products.
  • Colleen Padilla, re: FTC disclosure.  Even before this came up, she has been extremely specific about disclosing what she does.  “I bought this at Target,” or “Company XYZ sent me this product.”
  • The real gray areas are now Facebook and Twitter.  How does that count for endorsement?
  • Lindsay Ledesco of Graco:  You have to be honest and disclose that you got the product for free.  We have never paid bloggers to work for us.
  • Ted Murphy:  his company has actually developed a disclosure audit. Cool.
  • Colleen:  if a tweet that “I’m sweating because I am playing Whack-a-Mole” disclosure-worthy if you are a mommy blogger A-lister?  Good question.  Is it a hash tag, #ns – “non sponsored?”

More to come.




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