#BWE09, Here I Come!

I am beyond psyched for the opportunity to to attend BlogWorld Expo 2009.  And it’s not just for the after-parties either.  I’m psyched for a many reasons, perhaps not so obvious.

BlogWorld09_125px_SpeakerFirst and foremost, I get to finally meet — in person — all of the people whom I consider friends.  Folks like Jason Falls, Eric Berto, Aaron Brazell Kate Buck and so many others.  What’s amazing about social media is that these are the people who have read my stuff, mine, theirs, and in the process, have developed relationships that lack only swilling drinks with umbrellas in the them, face-to-face.

The most important, reason, however, that I am juiced is that, since I stopped teaching at Georgetown University (and launched my little consulting gig while keeping the full-time gig), the intellectually stimulated part of my brain has gotten a little lazy.  I just don’t keep up with what’s new and exciting and what some of the Grand Masters of Social Media have to say.  There are so many people whom I love to read because every time I do read what they write, I learn something.  And most times, I say “wow.”

So with keynote speakers whom I follow like Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan, Brian Solis, Jermiah Owyang, Maggie FoxCC Chapman and Shannon Paul (whom I get to share dais with – W00t!), I know that my head will be bursting with information and recharge my social media batteries.

I will be blogging a lot from the event- and Tweeting.  And let’s just hope that someone gave the heads up to the kind people at the Las Vegas Convention Center that there could be 1,000 techno-geeks in one room sucking up wireless bandwidth like bloggers at an open bar.  If someone has not warned them, we can just hope that the scenario below does not unfold.


See you in Vegas, baby.

Mark “The Flying Elvis” Story

P.S. – For those of who you plan on attending and have an iPhone, there is a wicked-cool APP with the entire BWE09 schedule on itnote: this was free last night when I downloaded it and now it’s $1.99.  Odd).  You can see who’s speaking, choose events and add them to your calendar.  I’ve added this app and it is beyond cool – and useful.


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