For my Georgetown students, I used to list some select jobs from Ned Lundquist’s “JOTW” or “Job of the Week.”

I still love you guys, so, what the hell;  here you go.


About JOTW:

Ned Lundquist’s “Job of the Week” free e-mail networking newsletter and website for professional communicators has a cult following of more than 10,000 readers (the 5-digit milestone was reached October 6, 2006). The job leads are just one reason his faithful followers begin their Mondays (and sometimes Tuesdays through Fridays) with a cuppa and JOTW.

So here’s a few that I found that may be of interest to my peeps in the Washington, DC area — with a big thanks to Ned to keeping this up all those years:

  1. Manager of Public Relations, Comcast Eastern Division, Largo, Maryland
  2. Publications Manager/Editor, The Partnership for Public Service, Washington, DC
  3. Communications Specialist, American Public Health Association, Washington, DC
  4. Event Marketing Coordinator, Kaulkin Ginsberg, Rockville, MD
  5. Director of Communications, Latin American/Caribbean Region,global financial services organization, Miami (area), FL – contact Susan San Martin of Plan B Communications
    at (note: Florida?!?!?   Sunshine?!?! I may just apply for this puppy myself).
  6. Director of Development and Communications, Center of Concern, Washington D.C.
  7. Communications Consultant – World Bank Sustainable Development Network, Washington, D.C. – Appointment Type:  Short Term Consultant
    Qualified candidates should send their resume, cover letter and three writing samples to with the subject line “Communications Consultant.”


  1. Butcher, Confidential Employer, Sioux City, IA
  2. Baker, Kickass Cupcakes, Boston, MA
  3. Candlemaker, Yankee Candle Company, South Deerfield, MA
  4. Hard Rock/Metal Band singer, Jenna’s Boneyard, Miami, FL

My caveat – I know nothing about the jobs, the organizations, the salaries, etc., but encourage you to check them out. The job market is not dead, it’s just really tired.

Happy hunting Georgetown grads.




  1. You said the job market is just tired…well I need it to wake up refreshed and revitalized ASAP! 🙂

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