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I don’t know Doug Haslam personally, but consider him to be one of those friends whom I have not yet me.  He’s a Red Sox fan, I’m a Red Sox fan.  He writes for Media Bullseye, I write for Media Bullseye.

I have a soft spot in my heart for noble charities, and Doug is contributing to one of the most noble:  the Jimmy Fund.  Doug is going to be riding his bike for the Pan-Mass Challenge, a grueling bike trip/fundraising effort with proceeds going to be Jimmy Fund.

It’s one thing to stroke a check or to get one’s head shaved on St. Baldrick’s Day as I did a couple of years ago, but Doug is putting his body to the test where others have their tiny bodies at risk — children.  Childhood cancer is, for me, the cruelest of diseases.  It does not have to be, however.  The are fine organizations like the Jimmy Fund that raise millions to fund childhood cancer.

Two years ago at Jimmy Fund Telethon Day, I happened to be at Fenway Park with my then six year-old son, who, thank God (and I still do) is perfectly healthy.  We watched then seven year-old Jordan Leandre, a recovering childhood cancer victim, round the bases in what was one of the most emotional scenes I have ever witnessed.  I posted a YouTube video below;  fast forward to the end and you may not be able to keep a tear out of your eye as well.

So I am using his space to ask you to help someone who is doing so much for others. Please consider making a donation for Doug.




  1. MArk,

    Thank you so much for the great post. The PMC is a great event- well run, a lot of fun, and with 100% pass-through of funds raised to cancer research (perhaps the best part).

    I have a great perspective on my part– I’m the one having fun here– and the people who sponsor and give money are the real heroes (not to mention the hundreds of PMC volunteers).

    By the way– the link to my fundraising page had to be fixed. Here is a better one:

  2. Hey Mark-

    Are you aware that the audio has been disabled on this video? Something about it not being authorized by WMG? Not sure what that is about. Might there be ANOTHER version of this video you can link to?

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