Third #blogmonday – What are You Waiting For?


As I mentioned in my inaugural post, I have started #blogmonday because I want to share some linkey love with some of the “hidden gems” of the blogosphere – as well as introduce some very good blogs that you might not know about.  It’s like #followfriday on steroids.  Yeah, you gotta write a blog post, but you were going to anyway.  But you have to blog about who you like.

Last week, my votes were for:

Here are this week’s contributions:

Tried, True and Terrific

Blogs That Need to Make it Onto Your Blogroll

  • Toby Bloomberg’s “Diva Marketing” blog.  Any blog that states “…my imagination soared with thoughts on how this media could create old-fashioned, corner-grocer-store relationships and real-time customer service in a world that had forgotten the importance,” is one you need to read.

Blogs That You Might Not Read – But Should

  • Jim Long’s “Verge New Media.” Jim was/is in television production (every time I see a tweet, he’s getting ready to meet someone BIG), but he brings and interesting perspective of someone who started in “old media” but gets “new media.”

Random Blogs of the Week:

I get it, I get it. It’s not as easy as #followfriday, but please consider a quick post giving props to those whom you think are deserving of it. Write a post, give some love, get some karma.  Ask Shonali Burke.

Mark #blogmonday Story



  1. Mark – this is really a great idea and I’m so glad you’re doing it. It was very kind of you to mention my blog; I know I thanked you before but I’m doing so again. Especially since it’s still relatively new, it’s pretty amazing to me that anyone gets anything from it. I learn every day from many of the people you’ve been listing and your blog is a never-ending source of information as well as, I must admit – some great entertainment. Here’s sending some more karma your way!

  2. Mark – most appreciate the link love and your kind words. great idea. i did something similar this friday too. thanks for bringing attention back to blogs!

    curious – are you including SM in your class curriculum? but what i’d really like to know is what is your District job 😉

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