Second #Blogmonday – Join the Fun – and Karma


As I mentioned in my inaugural post, I have started #blogmonday because I want to share some linkey love with some of the “hidden gems” of the blogosphere – as well as introduce some very good blogs that you might not know about.

My sincere hope is that, through writing about other bloggers, we all can increase the reach and scope of our own blogger networks, help promote some really smart people who don’t have the high Technorati rankings (yet) as well as share our own online rolodexes of “must reads.”

Here’s my ask:  if you are into the idea, please write a post about who you read, like my friends, Shonali Burke, Chip Griffin, David Wescott, Heather Lauer and others who tweeted did last week.

Last week, my votes were for:

Here are this week’s contributions:

Tried, True and Terrific

Blogs That Need to Make it Onto Your Blogroll

  • Lee Odden’s Online Marketing Blog.  Good measurement and statistics for SEO have gained prominence, and with good reason, in no small part to tighter ad budgets.  You’ll usually learn something you did not yet know on Lee’s blog.

Blogs That You Might Not Read – But Should

  • Robert French’s “PR Open Mic.” Robert not only teaches his students well, but has built an amazing platform for public relations professionals to interact, share ideas, blog — and most importantly — for students to show off their own work.  I wish that other universities would do this as well as Robert does.

Random Blogs of the Week:

  • Maren Hogan’s “Marenated.” With a clever name like this and insight about recruiting and human resources, how can you  NOT love this blog?
  • The American Latina (confession: former student).  With an intro that states that she offers “…notes from a confused twenty-something capricious, slightly neurotic, intelligent, beautiful latina breaking all the rules and making up new ones along the way as she figures out who she is and what it means to be a Latina in the US,” how can you NOT read this blog?

While it’s not as easy as #followfriday, won’t you please consider a quick post giving props to those whom you think are deserving of it?  Write a post, give some love, get some karma.

Mark #blogmonday Story



  1. Raquel Fuentes Says: May 4, 2009 at 6:17 am

    Mark, you really started something. I checked a few of them out, and they’ve followed your lead. I’m slightly biased towards American Latina but read a few of the others and, once again, learned something. Happy Monday! Raquel

  2. Thank you, Mark! The “Social Media, Social Karma” post has received quite an amazing response… perhaps because it’s near and dear to people’s hearts. Thank you for always striving to pay it forward.

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