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I consider myself fortunate because I get to learn a lot from some very smart people.  I do social media in my day job, teach it at my night job, blog (duh) and get to so some freelance writing and podcast work on the side.

The best part?  Just about every day, I learn something new.

I have to confess, however, that my daily reading does not include some of the real blogosphere luminaries (I promised, no more about Scoble).  Aside from Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson (whom I consider A-Listers), my daily reading consists of some of whom I consider to be the “hidden gems” of the blogosphere.  And that’s why I came up with the wacky idea (boldly stealing #followfriday) with #blogmonday.

My dream is that, through blogging about other bloggers, we all can increase the reach and scope of our own blogger networks, help promote some really smart people who just don’t have the high Technorati rankings (yet) as well as share our own online rolodexes of “must reads.”

So please, feel free to join me in promoting some of the smart people out there.  And trust me;  I plan  to make this a weekly occurrence in the hopes that it takes off.  If you’re not in this one, you will more than likely make it into another.  So here are my entries for the inaugural #blogmonday.

Tried, True and Terrific

  • Occam Razr’s – Ike Piggot’s blog not only makes me think about more things that just social media, I learn something new every time I read it.
  • It’s Not a Lecture:  David Wescott makes you think;  and he developed (and executed) a brilliant idea on the “Global Moms” initiative.  Plus. he’s smart as hell.
  • Rounding out this week’s list is a combined entry of Shel Holtz’s and Neville Hobson’s individual blogs as well as their out-of-this-world entertaining and smart podcast, “For Immediate Release.”

Blogs That Need to Make it Onto Your Blogroll

Blogs That You Might Not Read – But Should

  • Shilpika Das’s “Wired Conversations.” Full disclosure:  Shilpika is a former student of mine, but writes amazingingly insightful posts.  She is smart, a great writer and someone who makes me think.  The student has become the teacher in this case.
  • Matthew Chamberlin’s “Clearcast Digital Media.”  Matthew has been both a social media marketer and a video producer, so writes stuff that makes you think about the the differing aspects of social media converge.

Random Blog of the Week:

  • Over the Monster – As a die-hard Red Sox fan (and I died hard many times before the first Red Sox World Series Championship, like in 1975, 1976 (Bucky Effing Dent) and of course, the Bucker-led 1986 team).  But if your are a Sox fan, add this to your blogroll.

Bonus Feature – Online Magazine and Podcast Series

That today’s inugural entry.  While it’s not as easy as #followfriday, won’t you please consider a quick post giving props to those whom you think are deserving of it?

Mark #blogmonday Story



  1. Mark-
    Thanks for making my blog a charter member of #blogmonday. And thanks for the other good recommendations. Looking forward to digging into some new good stuff.

    I am going to throw one blog in the ring that I get a heck of a lot of value out of: Media Emerging by Scott Hepburn. He is a Charlotte-based PR man/journalist/copywriter and all around media-savvy guy. Check him out here at https://bit.ly/n8WWu

    One last thing: DESPITE the train wreck that was this weekend in Boston, Yankees STILL rule and you’ve got a long way to go to catch up to 26 World Championships. There- I said it. Now you know all about me! 😉

  2. Mark Story Says: April 27, 2009 at 10:54 am


    This century?

    Red Sox: Two world championships (you remember the epic, worst-in-sports-history Yankees’ choke in 2004, right?)

    Yankees: Bloated payrolls, steroid underachievers and a brand new stadium masquerading as a wind tunnel that you can’t fill.

    The defense rests, Mr. Chamberlin.

  3. nothin but luv for ya – sorry I was out on Monday but I’m comin’ back…

  4. oh, and pretty sure the sox are ahead when it comes to championships won per dollar spent…

    if the yankees don’t win this year with a payroll bigger than the GDP of most countries i’m sure they’ll blame it all on the manager.

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