My New Idea: #blogmonday

There has been amazing success and a lot of fun with #followfriday.  The last few Fridays, I have forgotten to do my own, and then, all of sudden, I’ll see my Twitter followers tick up by a few and realize that someone out there was nice enough to send people my way.

So here’s my idea: #blogmonday.

I wish I had the time to read all of the insightful, informative and entertaining blogs out there, but I also know, that, as big as my blogroll is, I could be bigger.  While we encourage others to follow someone on Twitter on Fridays, these thoughts sometimes link to blogs, and other times link to thoughts.

With so many good, “wicked smaht” people out there, I think that we should, starting on Mondays, compose posts about the other good bloggers out there.  Let’s improve each others’ Google rankings, Technorati rankings and other visibility tools and show the world some good blogging.

Not only is this good to publicize each others’ efforts, it’s also a good way to push back on the “bad PR”/bad blogging practices that we have heard so much about lately.

Do what do you say?  Let’s give a shot to #blogmonday this coming Monday, April 27th?  I’ll start.

If you are into it, give me some @ love on Twitter.



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