More Fun Being Jay Leno to Johnny Carson – and Domino’s Pizza

I had my usual blast subbing for Chip Griffin on the Media Bullseye Radio Roundtable today. I always learn something, and today is was from special guest Beth Harte, from The Harte of Marketing blog. Since I am feeling lazy today, I’ve “pirated” (that word is popular these days) the content from the page on Media Bullseye, but you should check it out.

The Roundtable discussed the Domino’s crisis response (or lack thereof) in light of some creative teens, the timing of the rise of social media, and the inadvertent “brandjacking” by capturing publicly-available content.

Click here to listen to the 33-minute discussion.

  • First item for discussion was the video of two Domino’s employees, the critcism of the company’s response, and the ensuing fallout: is this a lesson in where social media can head? From crowd-sourcing the detective work on, it’s an interesting case. The Roundtable also covered issues related to this topic, including the roles and responsibilities of the corporation verses the franchises–Beth points out both should be monitoring, each for different reasons–and the increasing importance of an accelerated response time.
  • Next, Pandemic Blog had a piece that makes the link between the rise of social media with the decline in the economy, surmising that it was necessary to turn to social media when “bloated” advertising budgets got cut. The Roundtable participants are skeptical of this linkage, and Mark Story points out that Ashton Kutcher being the first person to get 1 million followers on Twitter could be a sign of the Apocolypse.
  • Finally, Geoff Livingston had a post about being “brandjacked by Seesmic”–while Geoff clearly was okay with this use, the piece itself raises some interesting questions about our rights to content we post in public spaces. Does the way that our content is reused matter–if it’s positive, it’s okay, if it’s negative, it’s not okay? Beth asks if we’re heading towards the same scenario for images as we’ve seen for music, that all digital content will be protected. Mark manages to compare Geoff’s description of his situation to the Allysa Milano photo controversy a few years back.

Click here to listen to the 33-minute discussion.



  1. Thanks for pinch hitting at the last minute. I thought I was going to be able to do it, but it just hurt too much to talk for extended periods and my voice kept giving out. I’ll have to listen this weekend and see how it went — and if anyone was as cranky as I would have been about some of this stuff. 🙂

  2. Ahoy! Ye’ scurvy dog, piratin’ our content…

    I kid, of course, repurpose at will I say. I had a very good friend/former coworker who referred to it as “liberating text.”

    It was great having you on again, thanks for being so willing to help out. Chip was clearly not feeling well at all!


  3. PS–I think Chip took a Motrin to make his throat feel better. 😉

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