Rushing to post–what gets lost in the process?

I had (once again) the pleasure of co-hosting a Media Bullseye Radio Roundtable last Friday.  This week’s host was someone whom I had not met before, but who impressed me immediately as being, as we say in New England, “wicked smaht.”  The guest was  Tim Walker, the new media point person for Hoovers, a Dunn & Bradstreet Company. The Roundtable discussed the Owyang/Mzinga mishap; the need to be first to post an idea or thought (and the perils of doing so); and of course, SXSW.

Click here to listen to the 31-minute discussion.

  • The Roundtable started off by discussing Jeremiah Owyang’s disclosure that he knew something was up at Mzinga, but couldn’t say what, and what the ramifications of this minor misstep could have been. Is it a question of bloggers needing to let people know that they are on the inside track? Tim points out that this is a weakness of blogging–the immediacy of the format and lack of editoral oversight, which probably would have put the brakes on the original post, were likely factors contributing to this case.
  • Next topic, in a related vein, was Steve Rubel’s post proclaiming Twitter is peaking. All three Roundtable participants were highly skeptical of this proclamation–which might have been the objective of the post in the first place. Jen points to a post by Tim Allik at Topaz Partners who points out that “(Blank) is dead” is a very popular theme on Micropersuasion.
  • Rounding out the trio of topics was, of course, SXSW. Since neither Jen nor Mark attended, Tim provided his insight as to what the conference has evolved into over the years, and how the face to face relationships are still what people gravitate towards.

Click here to listen to the 31-minute discussion.

More fun — thanks Jen and Chip.



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