Top 10 Things I Love About Detroit

Just saw this tweet from Shannon Paul requesting input for the Startup Weekend Detroit blog, so I figure that the city needs some love.  So here you go, MoTown and Shannon:

  1. For the last 50 years, Detroit has been the economic engine that drove our economy.
  2. Foreign car manufacturers have emulated the production methods that Detroit invented.
  3. People are nice – not nasty, like in New York or Washington.
  4. Passion for their sports teams is unparalleled – I remember the joy when the Tigers went to the playoffs two years ago and the fans went nuts.
  5. Hockey is still a real sport.
  6. People from Detroit, much like those from my native New Hampshire, actually KNOW HOW TO DRIVE IN THE SNOW.
  7. I had a great steak in a steakhouse that I can’t remember in Auburn Hills.
  8. Sorry if this one is slightly negative, but one of the greatest moments in (my team’s) Celtics history is Robert “the Chief” Parish cold-cocking Bill Laimbeer in Game 5 of the 1987 Eastern Conference finals.
  9. Kid Rock actually has some good songs.
  10. I like Shannon Paul (another friend I have not met) so thought this post would be a good idea.

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