I Guess I *Am* a [Right Wing] Radio Show Host

Lou Capozzi, Chairman Emeritus of the Publicis Group, accused me a couple of months back of being like “..a right-wing radio show host.”  I didn’t think he was right — until now, that is. Or half right.

The right-wing part is not correct, but I have the honor and planned giggles from being one of the co-hosts of the Media Bullseye Radio Roundtable that will be posted on Friday, along the with always-informational Jen Zingsheim.

I’m not the headliner, however.  As they say at the Oscars, “planned guests include..” none other than the blogger, social media guru and death-defying, bourbon-swilling Jason Falls.

It should be a hoot — and I will give my excitement level a “w00t!”

Stay tuned for updates, but I can’t wait.




  1. Sweet! I hadn’t thought of that angle…here’s to fulfilling the prophecy…

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