As Usual, Other People Say It Better Than I Do

Jonathan Trenn has a fascinating (and extremely well-cited post) regarding the true, bottom line impact of social media marketing.  I’ve posted a quote below, but read the whole thing…

Only 21.2% say social media is a great lead generation source.  That means that almost 80% don’t feel that way.  Why is that?  Again, because we’re not making the case?  Or is it because companies find it as an ineffective means to get new customers

Be sure to read the whole post.  Well worth it.




  1. Ok, I need to go read the piece, but the Customer Service number at the BOTTOM blows my mind. Isn’t that what Dell/Comcast/Zappos are all getting accolades for? Hmm.

    Thanks for pointing the article out, I’m hopping over to read it now!

  2. Hey Mark

    Thanks for the kind words!!

    Jen’s right. The stats seem odd. Why is customer service last?

    Happy New Year


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