Boxing Day, Peter Shankman and Schwag

The problem of visiting your in-laws (among so many others) is that you miss out on cool stuff when you are away from your computer (along, while anguished sitting on Interstate 95, I did my first mobile post).

Thanks to Neil Corman, I felt a) informed about Peter Shankman (he of the HARO – Help a Reporter Out)’s trivia giveaway on Boxing Day, December 26.  The bottom line, well-described by Neil, was this:

It was an interesting Boxing Day on Twitter, and if you even checked out your timeline at any time during the day you most likely saw ‘@skydiver‘ appearing.  On this day after Christmas Peter Shankman continued something he started on the day before Christmas with the intention of clearing the piles of SWAG from his office by playing “Twitter Trivia”, however this suddenly took off into a huge event with the help of the PR Rep of OGIO who wanted to give away a bag.

Peter asked trivia questions on Twitter, took the answers on the same, and handed out what sounded like a boatload of some cool stuff, including a four days three nights lodging in either Reno, Sparks, North Lake Tahoe or South Lake Tahoe, lift tickets included.  Peter also mentioned that his Twitter following grew by 400 in the first 30 minutes (there is another “I TOLD YOU SO” for all of the people who think that Twitter is useless).

My take away?

First, like the blogosphere, we are starting to see some real leaders emerge in the “Twitterverse.” People who know how to use it — and attract more followers.  I think that folks like Peter and Chris Brogan who are emerging as Twitter “A Listers.”

Second, you don’t have to be super hi-tech to be a thought leader or an “A Lister”  (although apparently Peter and Brian Shaler set up a Web cam so people could watch what was going on);   it still amazes me that Peter’s “Help a Reporter Out” email is plan ol’ text, started that way and remains that way.

And believe me, this is going to the last Boxing Day that a) I sit in the car all day and b) miss out on some cool trivia and subsequent schwag.



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