Welcome Georgetown “Intersection” Students!

Hi everybody and welcome to MPPR-750, “The Intersection of Online and Offline Public Relations.”  Here’s a little video message below.

Looking forward to meeting everyone on January 8.  And feel free to post a comment, introduce yourself, say “hi” to your new peeps – whatever you like.




  1. Raquel Fuentes Says: January 3, 2009 at 6:19 pm

    Hi Mark, I enjoyed your 3-hour bootcamp session today, it was nice to meet you and I look forward to your class on Thursday. I thought the video was good, but the sound was a bit low. Is it just me? And I don’t drink Starbucks in the evening, only water. See you Thursday! Raquel

  2. Robert Bisi Says: January 5, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    Thanks for the great intro to PR at the bootcamp last Saturday! I enjoyed your presentation. I look forward to taking your class at some point during the coming semesters.


  3. Alicja Patela Says: March 4, 2009 at 8:30 am

    I can relate to Mark’s blog post this week, I’m sure a lot of us can. As students learning something new in classes each week, we have become exposed to many new concepts, tools and experiences.
    Working for a trade association, I have seen that “look” multiple times from our senior staff. Change is hard for many to accept in my association because so many people are used to doing things the comfortable way or should I say the old way. A significant amount of our members are aware of new technology tools and social media outlets that are being used, but for some reason our senior staff seems to be under the impression that imposing any new “technologies and media” will intimidate our members. About a year ago, we got approval to start doing webinars targeting professional development in the field of education. The majority of the people on staff thought that these webinars were not going to be money makers and that we should hold workshop and conferences instead. The first few webinars did not have a large turn out but after we made some changes and made it even more “user friendly,” our webinars became a revenue maker for the association. Not surprisingly, after the senior staff saw the $$$ that the webinars were brining in, they decided they wanted to host a webinar on a monthly basis. We now have a team that works on webinar development, advertising and marketing. Everyone on staff now sees the great potential of hosting webinars with chat rooms and web conferences; we are constantly improving our platform. It took a pilot year of hosting webinars and positive results for senior staff to welcome this change.

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