Road Rage and My First Ever Mobile Post


So I am experimenting with the Word Press for iPhone mobile application while (riding) in mind-numbingly slow traffic returning from the New York area. In short, I am blogging to keep from jumping out of the car and walking on the side of 95 to prove my point that it WOULD, in fact, be faster to walk than face that seventh-level-of-hell orange glow of stoplights that has been torturing me for the last 100 miles.

I usually try to offer something meaningful to you, dear reader, with my posts, but now all I can do is rage against the Satan-sent transportation pocket that is the Northeast corridor.

So I’ll ask you (and trust me, I’ve got time to field your responses):

• What is *your* car ride from hell story?




  1. Hey Mark! Just going through your blog entries and figured I’d leave a comment regarding this one. I don’t necessarily have a “car ride from hell” story, but I did have a problem with mice and a leaky roof in my old car. Somehow they were getting inside and enjoying my car with me. I even had to set mouse traps, crazy I know. Then, after getting into an accident (minor rear-end scuff) my convertible top never quite closed properly and my car would leak if it was at a slight angle. So, I was faced with a mouse problem and a car full of water. It got so bad at one point that I took it in to have it serviced for the 10th time, had them rip up the carpet, and WOW, two drowned mice under my carpet. It was time for a new car at that point. No more convertibles for me, haha.

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