More Media Bullseye: Another Look at Social Media and Mumbai

I continue to be saddened (and worried) about the state of affairs in India — and especially with Pakistan, as both are nuclear powers.  I put paper to pen (old school) and wrote “Twitter, Tradegy and Mumbai” – a backwards look about how Twitter, for better or worse, impacted communications.

And my contributions to Media Bullseye will come in a more formal format – I’ll be a regular “columnist” on the second Friday of the month.  I did not write the description of the column — Chip Griffin did:

Cleaning up the second week of each month — or perhaps just making a mess of the weekend — will be the irrascible and insightful Mark Story. He is probably over-qualified for these pages as an agency veteran, university professor, government communicator, and Red Sox fan. We couldn’t ask for a more complete package to anchor the second Friday of the month.”

Irrascible?  Perhaps.  Perpetually grumpy?  Maybe.

Anyway, for once I was pretty serious.  Have a read.



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