Have the Big Guys Forgotten That We Know “Shovelware” When We See It?

I wrote an article for Media Bullseye this week about how Google, Apple and Microsoft are screwing up, but what I don’t write are the article teasers.  I love this one:

While Apple, Microsoft, and Google have recently announced new and/or improved versions of software, Mark Story has become increasingly irritated at the amount of mandatory software that is being foisted upon an unwilling public–by the very companies that should know a lot better.

“Increasingly irritated.”  My life story.




  1. Lindsey Brothers Says: September 10, 2008 at 12:54 pm

    I really enjoyed reading that article, Mark. I never really thought about all of the extra “stuff” that I was downloading while updating my software. I would think that the Big Boys would give people the option regarding any additional software they wanted to download. I don’t see how they would get away with this for too long without getting a black eye in public. I mean, did they think people wouldn’t blog about this?

    Moving forward, Its about time I update my software, but now I’m a bit hesitant!

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