When Telling the Truth Hurts – Good Job, Geoff and Maggie

Way too many public relations practitioners forget their own principles and/or advice that they give clients when faced with tough times.  Stonewall.  Obfuscate.  Spin. Happens way too often.

That’s why I was simultaneously proud and a little sad when Geoff Livingston and Maggie Fox announced that their companies were, in fact, not going to merge.  Not only did they announce it, but they both blogged about it and even did a call-in with Shel Holtz as part of his “For Immediate Release” series.

I know Geoff, but I do not know Maggie (yet), but I have to give kudos to them for a) having the business sense to explore the deal, b) giving serious thought to it, c) having the guts to call it off, and d) most impressively, being open, honest and transparent about the fact that the acquistion was off.

I urge everyone to give the interview a listen.  It’s isn’t always pretty — and breakups never are — but to anyone considering hiring a social media or communications firm that tells the truth – even when it hurts — can know that Maggie of the Social Media Group and Geoff Livingston of Livingston communications walk the walk.

That counts for a lot.




  1. Hey Mark – thanks for your kind words. A tough decision for us both, but as you’ve said, it’s really important to walk the talk.

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