Facebook Worm: Update From, Well, Facebook

I’ve been reading a ton of tweets this weekend along the lines of “if you received a Facebook message from me about XYZ, please disregard it.”  There is a worm going around Facebook right now.  I don’t know why I keep thinking that anything is, but nothing is sacrosanct from malicious coders and spammers (bad week for Twitter too, because there appear to be a lot of scantily-clad women who are all following me from the same Web site).  These people are the bottom feeders of the Internet society.

Many of the Facebook developers are, ironically, at DEFCON, one of the largest and oldest hacker conventions, but they still issued this statement, buried in a bunch of other “we take our security seriously” mumbo-jumbo:

Even right now, as we’re preparing to leave for DEFCON, we spent most of last night working on a fix for a worm, which was targeting people on Facebook and placing messages on Walls urging users to view a video that pretends to be hosted on a Google or YouTube website. We’ve identified and blocked the ability to link to the malicious websites from anywhere on Facebook. Less than .002 percent of people on Facebook have been affected, all of whom we notified and suggested steps to remove the malware.”

OK.  So read up and be careful.  Or buy a Mac.



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