What’s Your Perfect Job? Visualize It.

Sometimes, you run across things that are so good, you just HAVE to steal, er, “appropriate” them.  On Ike Pigott’s blog, Occam’s RazR,, Ike details his job search and how he detailed what his dream job is to a current employers (and when you see what’s below, you’ll understand at least one of the reasons why he got the job).

Ike writes:

When I was interviewing for my current job, I was asked why I wanted it.  True, everyone loves getting a paycheck (and some even love being employed.)  But my answer came back to the intersection of things I enjoyed.  I actually traced the following diagram on my desk for the interview committee:

Since I have the pleasure and honor of teaching at Georgetown (something that I return to tomorrow), inevitably, I end up giving career advice during the semester.  I am definitely adding this one to the curriculum, with Ike’s permission.  And here’s a final note from Ike’s post:

Have you ever mapped out your motivations in this way?  There might just be some fulfilling intersections that you’re missing because you haven’t tried overlapping…

“Mapping out your motivations.”  This is the sort of clear, concise, yet critical thinking that most employers look for.  Have you mapped out your motivations?

Nice work.




  1. Consider it unstolen.

    Now, be sure to drop me a line when your students start mapping their desires, so I can follow is up on my end. (And we’ll see who “steals” more content from whom…)

  2. This is great…sorry to be missing your career advice this semester!

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