Death Penalty and the “Spam King”

I’ve been away for a couple of days, but returned to read (online, of course), that Eddie “the Spam King” Davidson “…killed his wife and one of their children before killing himself in an apparent murder-suicide on Thursday.” Without even going into the horrific crime described below, the real “spam kings” won’t ever get caught because they are smart enough to live and work where they cannot get caught.

But on to the facts: Eddie Davidson, 35, was serving a 21-month sentence for illegally sending spam over the Internet and escaped from a minimum security prison in Florence on July 20.

The crime is heinous, but the bottom-feeder of global publications the (U.K.) Inquirer, noted:

Not all stories have a happy ending, but the tale of escaped spam king Edward “Eddie” Davidson sure does. After walking away from prison, he got a gun, killed his family, then killed himself.

While it is hard not to feel bad for his brutally murdered wife and child, not to mention his wounded daughter, Eddie’s suicide itself is the stuff of happy thoughts. Every deceased spammer is a million fewer in-box-clogging, malware-infested mails a day, so lets tip one back for liberal gun laws.

Ok. So a man escapes from prison, murders most of his family and takes the coward’s way out. And that’s an excuse for “liberal gun laws?”

Not much to say on this one, except that, as I wrote last week, if someone would just give me a few mil and three years, I could make spam go away forever.



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