Final Thoughts on the #twebinar

It’s in an article in Media Bullseye today, but as a week has passed, I have given quite a bit more thought to the Twebinar held last week and put on by Chris Brogan and David Alston.

With distance comes perspective, and my main points are:

  • I don’t trust Twitter any more than I do Paris Hilton at a open bar;
  • What I learned about from the video was not so much what social media is, but how to sell it better to people who aren’t as savvy;
  • I can’t wait for the archive to go up so I can listen more closely.  Was typing, switching screens, using Summize and missing a lot; and
  • If you boil it down to what people were saying, things like “use social media to listen to customers,” that what Arthur Page was saying in 1927.

Again, kudos  to Chris and David for pulling off a technical miracle.  I look forward to the next one.



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