When Something Goes ‘Bump’ on the ‘Net

Just finished (what I think) will be my last piece in a series about managing online reputation. It’s in Media Bullseye, but I am still in shock over yesterday’s news about the Associated Press vs. bloggers battle.

The two issues intersect.

AP could use a lesson in online reputation management, which is the last point that I make in the article.

  1. They get a societal license to operate from the people who read their content.
  2. The lawyers that organizations have on retainer should all be behind a big piece of glass that should be broken “only in case of emergency.” AP was stupid, and now they have bloggers mad at them. That’s not what a wire service providing content to a dying print industry should do.

‘Nuff said.


P.S. – if anyone reading this can identify the lawyer in the picture, leave a comment below. You will get invisible extra credit in my next class.


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