More Fun on Online Radio

Sometimes, I get to have so much fun in my avocations that I feel guilty.

My latest fun-fest was being able to be part of “Conversations With Chip Griffin.” For those of you who do not know Chip, he is the Chairman of Custom Scoop as well as a self-described “serial entrepreneur.” I think that Chip has so many business ventures HE would be hard-pressed to name them all.

Our topic of discussion was interactive data, or XBRL, something that not a lot of people know about, but a potential technology, that if implemented, could fundamentally change the way that investors get information and make choices as to where to allocate their capital. It sounds like techno-babble, but with Chip, it’s always a fun conversation.

You can listen here.




  1. How right you are … at least the part about not being able to remember all of my own businesses. It can be quite embarrassing at times! 🙂

    Glad to have been able to have our chat.

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