For Immediate Release Blog Radio: PR Spam!

I listened to, and was fortunate enough to participate in, a Blog Talk radio call-in show that is part of the Hobson and Holtz report’s “For Immediate Release.” Today’s call in topic was “PR Spam,” and how it is driving many bloggers crazy.

There was an interesting mix of people on the panel, including a prominent blogger and a couple of companies who produce software that contains names and contact information for bloggers and other media as well. Jason Falls was one of the moderators and did a great job. My takeaways are:

  • The bloggers are really frustrated (one noted that if he gets 100 bad pitches as day and it takes him a minute to determine that each one is a spam, it’s more than an hour and a half a day);
  • The companies noted their policies for using their software, which I said was akin to having a gun..when not used properly, it can be a dangerous weapon;
  • It is incumbent upon universities to educate public relations students on how to incorporate their core skill sets into “skillz” for new media;
  • The public relations companies are often under client pressure for placement, which can result in either junior people making mistakes or “spam” pitches going out to develop metrics to send to clients.

We didn’t really come to a conclusion, but it was interesting that we ended up at an “opt-out” list for many of the companies that produce the lists for people to contact. Jason Falls, one of the moderators, noted that if there is an opt-out link at the bottom of an email, it discredits it anyway, because it is apparent that it comes from a list.

Fascinating topic. I will post a link to the audio file once it is live.



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