Pitching Bloggers – a Balanced Approach

There has been so much flying back and forth over the blogosphere over the last couple of weeks about bad pitches for bloggers, I don’t really have a lot to add.

I think that it’s a little ironic, however, that the “traditional media” got over this a long time ago, and for the most part, just ignore bad pitches.  I have pitched and I have been pitched.  Bad pitches happen.  I think it is a little our of bounds, however, to call people out in a public setting.  Most bad pitches that I have encountered have resulted either from an incredibly junior (read: inexperienced) doing the pitching, or an PR agency employee who is being pushed either by the agency or the client.  This past semester, one of my graduate students even told me that he was lambasted by the owner of the boutique firm for which he worked because he could not get his client in the Wall Street Journal.  There is a lot of pressure out there for earned media.

I really liked Jason’s Falls’ take on pitching bloggers.  He interviewed Allison Blass of MWW, but really did his homework before interviewing her, noting that, in addition to her job responsibilities, she has had her own blog since 2005.

Nice, balanced and well-researched post, Jason.



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